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We will post on YouTube a video about your store or business. Here are some old samples.. 30 seconds in hi definition 1080p resolution. Once your have the URL for the posted video you can post it any where. As part of our service we will post it on our network, In the appropriate sites. Here’s a List of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Pages, websites. and own YouTube Channels. Book your video here

Benefits Of Video

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This year, the number of consumers viewing videos online is predicted to reach 169.3 million in the US alone. With numbers that significant, what marketer would argue against the tremendous opportunity video can offer to enhance online presence search rankings?

Let’s face it; most people would rather spend two minutes watching an interesting video than spend ten minutes reading an article.

Video is the fastest way for your company to show your audience why they should do business with you. Not only is video a great way to share your story, it’s also a great way to build links back to your site, and if all of the stars align, maybe your video will even go viral. This is where the major search engine optimization benefit comes into play.

Videos increase engagement

A recent comScore study showed websites that contain videos hold a viewer’s attention two+ minutes longer than sites without video content. Visitor time spent onsite is just one more factor that the search engines are looking for to determine relevancy. The fact that your website can hold your viewers’ attention is a big thumbs up. Another recent study, from aimClear, states that videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results.

It is no secret that SEO is essentially one giant puzzle with numerous moving pieces, but with universal search, videos offer businesses one more way to get heightened exposure in the search engines. According to a Forrester research study, having a good online video marketing strategy can actually increase your likelihood of achieving first page Google rankings by up to 53 times. For as popular as online videos have become, video marketing is still widely underused by businesses.

Grab it while you can

The “video” search is far less competitive than the “everything” search on Google, yet most marketers are ignoring this opportunity to jump ahead in the search results by implementing an online video strategy. There have been many instances where I have performed a web search using the “Everything” option. A particular business may not rank in the top ten positions on the first page, but when I perform the exact same search using the “videos” option that same business is number one.

This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to get a one up on their competitors. Granted, the content contained within the video needs to offer value to the viewer. Google tends to show favoritism to informative videos versus strictly sales videos, so this is something that you may want to keep in mind as you develop your strategy.

Americans spend a day a month on video

In February of 2012 comScore reported that 181 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly 40 billion (yes, BILLION) videos online in the month of January alone. This equated to the average viewer watching 22.6 hours of online video content in January. So what? So people are watching a ton of videos online!

If you think about it, people are watching nearly an entire days worth of online video each month. This is huge. If people are spending nearly an entire day every month watching online videos, there is a tremendous opportunity for businesses and marketers to embrace the opportunity and invest the time into creating quality online content for their target audience to view.

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